From a Report of the Commissioner of Fisheries of the State of New York
in Charge of the Oyster Investigation - 1885

Statistical Recapitulation for New York Bay in 1885:

Number of planters, wholesale dealers and shippers
5 00
Extent of ground cultivated about 2,250 acres
Number of vessels and sail-boats engaged about 400  
Value of same, with equipment $200,000  
Number men hired by planters or dealers 125  
Annual earnings of same $62,500  
Total number of families supported 635  
Annuals sales of Native oysters $255,000  
Bushels Value of same $250,000  
Chesapeake "Plants" 175,000 bushels
Value of same $125,000  
Total value of oysters sold annually $375,000  

The Extent of the oyster trade in new York in 1880:
   Southern, in shell Virginia; Chesapeake 1,065,000 bushels
   Northern (natives) in shell 1,634,000 bushels
   Opened from the south 600,000 gallons
By count, in shell at 250 to the bushel 765,000,000 oysters

Selling value:
   of southern $800,000  
   of northern $1,500,000  
   of opened $458,700  
Total $2,758,700  

   Oyster carriers - from vessels to barges
         (25-40 on each river)
10 cents a thousand oysters
   Opening oysters 100-150 men
   Longshoremen 10 cents a thousand
   Pickling and packing "not much"  
5000 families at least, support or prepare oysters    
Total exported to Europe 189,900 bushels