10 years
of Pickle Day
From 2001 to 2011, NY Food Museum was a force against evil, partnering with the Lower East Side Business Improvement District to create and grow the New York City International Pickle Day. Each year, thousands of pickle novices, aspirants and masters came to learn, share and teach about pickling around the world. The event was held in the fall, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, giving everyone a chance to participate in a community of like-minded featherless bipeds, and a few furry four-legged friends. People came on foot, bicycle, by bus, train and car, an audience of rich and poor, old and young, of all races, ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientation, expressing the collaborative, collective diversity that is the very essence of New York. Stories, recipes, facts and fancies flowed from Pickle Day like the lava from a volcano – hot, happening and transformative, a state cooled only by the salty brine.
NY Food Museum wants to thank all the associations, vendors and preposterously creative and generous people for making Pickle Day the healing, happy, community-binding event it was for 10 years. We hope these little snippets of the festival's fruits will continue to grow and become an offline festival of their own.
For those who just can't get enough Pickle Day in the flesh, two newcomer festivals have been promised to help fill the void – the fabulous New Amsterdam Market Peck Slip Pickle Festival and the Lower East Side Pickle Festival, run by the Lower East Side Business Improvement District. Although NY Food Museum is not officially sponsoring either of these events, you may see us there doing new versions of our pickle thing and we hope you do the same!
There is always a certain melancholia as the torch is passed, and we will miss those crisp fall days that start before the sun comes up, bring us joy, brine and company, and last until the final toothpick is swept. (Great thanks to Jose Ortiz at the Business Improvement District for years of dedicated hard work – very hard work – and skill in helping us be good neighbors and leave a clean and safe festival site). This was an effort of friends and family.
In these pages and links you will see some of the fantastic work people have contributed to pickle day, and the work they are still doing to strengthen the city's appreciation of its own diversity, remember and honor our culinary cultural heritage, preserve tradition, inspire creativity, and to generate and support community. We hope you join in to keep New York locally owned, community based and sharing and knowledgeable about our history dedicated to human connection and a living wage.
We thank all of YOU for helping us forward our mission of thinking about the food we eat. Enjoy!


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